| Anton-Schall-Gasse


1210 Wien

04/2018, 1.Preis



3.870 m²

2.403 m²


Verantwortlicher Partner
Mark Gilbert

Christian Aulinger, Mark Gilbert
Wettbewerb: Matthias Brandmaier, Tana Kubikova
Ausführung: Markus Steiner, Anna Aichberger


Jakob Fina Landschaftsarchitekt

©Daniel Hawelka (1-7,9-10,13)
©David Schreyer (8, 11-12)




ASG_Baustelle_301 ©D_Hawelka

Located in Vienna’s Floridsdorf District, ASG | marchfelder terrassen is an exceptional social housing-estate. Its low-cost / high-touch architecture combines affordability and tactile detailing with a remarkably agile and very sculptural solution for its extraordinary site.

To the north, the parcel on Anton-Schall-Gasse fronts on the the wooded pastures of the Marchfeld Canal Park. To the south lies the Ernst-Theumer-Hof – a very charming, 1980’s housing-estate with a long, green common at its center. The composition of ASG’ s two distinct, differently sized blocks form an apex for the Theumer-Hof and delineate a strong, clear edge towards the Park.

The project develops out of this park-side edge. Its long, northwest facing front is given a serrated facade to optimize natural lighting and provide views. The resulting, saw-toothed structure serves as the generating principle for the entire estate, producing an offset-grid that locates structural axes, subdivides space, organizes the sky-lit corridors, and creates distinctive floorplans with an unusually high ratio of exterior wall to floor space. Sets of curved balconies – extrapolated from the grid – provide the apartments with outdoor space and lend the architecture its expressive note.


Exact planning and the application of cutting-edge building technology reduced construction costs for the building’s shell. Exterior carrying walls are built from robot-assembled, prefabricated brick walls, and the project’s grid is precisely coordinated with industry standard dimensions for poured-in-place shuttering.

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_003 ©D_Hawelka

The economical construction of the building’s shell is enriched by high-quality handwork and detailing. The curves of the balconies are precise and smooth; their surfaces are rendered in a combed stucco that plays in the light. Subtly contrasting, alternating bands of smooth and combed stucco accentuate the sculptural lines of the building. Patterned surfaces of glazed ceramic bricks highlight the buildings entries and enliven the central court of the ensemble.

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_009 ©D_Hawelka

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_011 ©D_Hawelka

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_016 ©D_Hawelka

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_021_2 ©D_Schreyer

ASG | marchfelder terrassen may be low-cost housing,
yet it embodies a site-sensitive approach to architecture –
one, which is also is concerned with the well-being of its inhabitants.

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_014 ©D_Hawelka

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_102_2 ©D_Schreyer

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_202_2 ©D_Schreyer

ASG_AntonSchallG TC_201 ©D_Hawelka