LAA Wettbewerb Cover

Architektur/Wettbewerb 371, 6/2023, Österreich, pp. 24-27

Report about LAA | Kurbadstraße BAG 2;
The project is featured on the journal’s cover page.

> Link to Project: LAA | WB Kurbadstraße
> Link to Publication: ARCH-WB 371_LAA

Cube 03_23 Cover

CUBE 03|23, Österreich/Deutschland, s.24-25

> Project: ASG|marchfeldterrassen

> Publication:  ASG_CUBE_03-23_2

230928 wohnen plus Cover

WohnenPlus, 3/2023, Österreich, s. 10-17
“Social Balancing Act” Architecture Journalist Maik Novotny cites ESS|Esslinger Arkaden as an example of Best Practice in his essay on social and programmatic diversity for urban housing.

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Projekt ESS

#LD 04 COVER_2

Livings, Detail 04
ARCHI-LAB (Hrsg.), Seoul, Korea, 2022. s. 220-229

“Livings, Detail” is a series of architectural books dedicated to presenting innovative, thoughtfully detailed housing projects to a world-wide, professional audience.

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Projekt SCH

ASG TC architektur_Wettbewerb Umschlag

Architektur/Wettbewerb 361 2/2022, Austria, s. 46-53
“White City am Marchfeldkanal”:
Journalistic account of the built project ASG|marchfeldterrassen.

> Link to Project: ASG|marchfeldterrassen
> Link to Publication: ASG TC_ARCH-WB 361

Social, affordable, and co-operative housing in Europe (2).pdf

Social, affordable, and co-operative in Europe.
The Housing AgencyIreland’s non-commercial government organisation for better housing (Ed.), Dublin, 2020. pp. 58-62, 63-67
Two projects from TC have been included:

link to Publication/STA
> link to Publication/SIE

Best of Austria_KL

Best of Austria / Architektur 2018_19
ArchitekturZentrum Wien (Pub.)
Park Books, Zurich 2020 s.119

Compendium of prize-winning Austrian architecture 2018-2019

> Link to entry SAT


Gebaut [2015-2020] Stadt Wien / MA19 Architektur u. Stadtplanung. 2020

Publication presenting the award-winning projects of the Schorsch Prize for Architecture in the City of Vienna, 2015-2020



What, If Anything, Is a Rabbit?
Architecture Theorist Kari Jormakka / Gedenkschrift
DATUTOP 39, Tempare Univ. Finnland 2020
s. 246-284

Text on the Kari Jormakka’s influence in the
architectural discourse in Vienna, 1998 to present.

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200122 TC LowCost_HighTouch Cover Katalog

low cost|high touch: sechs konzepte für leistbares wohnen.
Birkhäuser, Basel & Vienna, 2020

This monograph on the work of trans_city documents six innovative housing projects from 2016 – 2018.
With an introduction by Michael Obrist and an interview from and with Angelika Fitz.

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MasterPrize 2019

Architecture MasterPrize 2019; Los Angeles, p.69

SIE / Home21 was one of three buildings worldwide to be recognized in the category Architectural Design – Social Housing

> Project SIE

190729 STA CUBE Umschlag

CUBE 02 /2019, Austria/Germany, pp.26-27

> Project: STA / zwei+plus intergenational housing in Vienna’s Stavangergasse

> Publication  STA CUBE 02_19


Architecture MasterPrize 2018; Los Angeles, s.60

FUX / Housing for Unaccompanied Minors was one of five buildings worldwide to be recognized in the category Architectural Design – Social Housing

> Project FUX

SIE Umschlag-KL

Das Wiener Modell (The Viennese Model), Vol 2. 2018, Austria s.164-165

> Project Siemensstrasse

SIE_HOME 21 Wienermodell_2

Best Architects_W1059_TC SAT Cover

best architects 19. 2018, Germany s.182-185

> Project: Satzingerweg

Best Architects_W1059_TC SAT


Corriere della Serra, Italien
Le sfide dell’Architetture, Uscita 26, s.63-67

> Projekt: Satzingerweg
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archakt 9_2018 Cover

architektur aktuell 9/2018, Austria    s. 124

> Project: Siemensstrasse

> architektur aktuell_09_2018

Cube 02_18 Cover

CUBE 02 /2018, Austria/Germany, pp.13-14

> Project: Satzingerweg

> Publication: W_0218_trans_city_Satzinger_Weg

191021 Presse Best Architects 2018 Hoch

die Presse, Vienna 19.07.2018
Coverage of best architects 2018

> Project SAT
> link to Article


architektur Fachmagazin N°5/2018, Österreich
Juli/August 2018, s.54-59

> Projekt: Siemensstraße
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Falter Fair N°38a/15, Österreich
Herbst 2015, s.18-21

> Projekt: Jacmel Satellite City
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Konstruktiv N°299, Österreich
September 2015, s.8-15

“Der Kontrakt des Landvermessers”
– Grundeigentum als elementarer Parameter der Stadt,
Mark Gilbert

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Zuschnitt N°35, Österreich
Dezember 2009

> Projekt: Emergency Village
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“werk, bauen + wohnen”, Schweiz
April 2006, s.12-14

“Die Dächer von Wien”, Mark Gilbert

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dwell magazine, USA,
Oktober 2003, s. 106-107

> Projekt: Haus Pichler
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