Awards and Recognition

gebaut 2021/Architecture Prize of the City of Vienna / ASG

BLT Built Design Award 2021 -Honourable Mention in Architectural Design / GUN
Architecture MasterPrize 2021 / GUN 
A+/Architzer Best Firm Award – Finalist, Multi-Unit Residential Architektur / TC
gebaut 2020/SCHORSCH Architecture Prize of the City of Vienna / GUN

Architecture MasterPrize 2020 – Honourable Mention, Category “Social Housing” / SCH
A+/Architzer Award – Finalist, Category Commercial-Mixed Use / SIE
BIG SEE Award for outstanding Architecture in SE Europe / STA

Candidate Project, IBA Vienna 2022 / DON
Architecture MasterPrize 2019 / SIE 
dezeen awards 2019 – longlist architecture / SIE 
BIG SEE Award for outstanding Architecture in SE Europe / FUX
ECOLA-Award 2019 (nominated) / LRS
gebaut 2018/SCHORSCH Architecture Prize of the City of Vienna / STA

best architects 2019 / SAT 
Architecture MasterPrize 2018 / FUX
Candidate Project, IBA Vienna 2022 / SIE 
klimaaktiv Gold, Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism / SIE
gebaut 2017/SCHORSCH Architecture Prize of the City of Vienna / SAT

gebaut 2016/SCHORSCH Architecture Prize of the City of Vienna / LRSFUX

impulse XS /Austrian Federal Project Finance Award / TER

departure/Project Finance Award, City of Vienna / JACVIL

trans_city is an office for Architecture and Urban Design.

We develop innovative solutions for residential programs and housing plans, for school buildings and building systems, as well as for urban planning and the design of public spaces.

trans_city is active across the world, wherever need for inventive and affordable ideas exists. But the focus of our work is Vienna, a city with an illustrious architectural tradition. For us it is a home base, a source of inspiration and a laboratory for design, all in one.

trans_city considers the larger social context. The built environment should be benefit all those who live in it and use it. We reflect upon and respect the interests and needs of the diverse players involved in every project – from households to neighborhoods, from investors to contractors.

Our ambition is to make solid, intelligent and beautiful architecture affordable for everyone in the city.


In 2015, Angelika Fitz, Director of the Architekturzentrum Wien, spoke with us about the objectives behind our work, as well as specific aspects of projects we have planned. For those who would like to know more about how trans_city ticks, here is a link to this interview >>>