| Hausfeldstrasse


Stadterweiterungsgebiet Hausfeld Nord, 1220 Wien

Concept Study
08/2012 – 11/2012

Site Area
25,6 ha Total / 14,8 ha Building Plots

Gross Floor Area
455.000 m2

Floor Area Ratio
1,77 FAR Gross (GFA /Site Area)
3,07 FAR Net (GFA /Building Plots)

Net Usable Space
337.000 m2
250.000 m2 Housing (3.300 Housing Units)
7.000 m2 Education80.000 m2 Commercial 

Partner in Charge
Mark Gilbert

Project Team
Christian Aulinger, Mark Gilbert;
Irene Hrdina (Project Leader), Michal Pulman

Bauträgerkonsortium Hausfeld Nord

121115 TC HSF Grünzug detailliert CMYK

Schematik Grünzüge / Wegverbindungen

121115 TC HSF Lageplan 2000 CMYK.ai


Hausfeld Nord is a 25 hectare urban expansion zone located north of the Danube River. Situated next to the recently completed U2 Metro Line, a stop on the No. 25 streetcar line as well as a station of the Vienna regional S-Bahn, the high-quality transportation connections make the site one of the most valuable development tracts in Vienna.

Transdanu[r]bia represents trans_city’s proposal for this significant site. It is a middle-density (Net FAR 3,07), pedestrian-friendly urban neighborhood for 5000-6000 residents and 80.000m2 of commercial space.

The central feature of the project is a wide, L-shaped green corridor that extends across the site and connects the district’s two Metro stations. Adjacent to each Metro Station are paved and planted commercial plazas which concentrate local retail and service activities around these major transportation nodes. Automobile traffic is routed around the neighborhood, and parking is concentrated in peripheral garages. The housing is arranged in clusters of buildings that vary in height, and each of these clusters front on to the green corridor. As a result, the district’s nucleus is an automobile-free yet highly-networked green cityscape, in which residents can stroll – either from the Metro, or from their parking-garage – through a lively, park-like setting and direct to their apartment house door.


Vorplatz Hausfeldstrasse


Vorplatz “An den alten Schanzen”