| Multi-Urban 9

Housing with Artists’ Ateliers


1020 Vienna

Developer Competition

Gross built space
7.736 m2

Net Usable Space
5.570 m2 rentable floor space

Built footprint
3.400 m2

10.00 Mio EUR

Christian Aulinger, Mark Gilbert

Project Team
Christian Aulinger, Mark Gilbert, Georg Kogler
Dagnija Smilga, Cullen Osborne, Kerstin Fian

KALLCO Bauträgergesellschaft m.b.H..

Landscape Planning
Plan Sinn GmbH – Büro für Planung & Communication

©2010 Zoom VP GmbH Wien


The given theme for the competition was intercultural urbanity.

The project consists of two compact residential buildings which contain 91dwellings and frame two differentially proportioned urban squares. The two squares form a neighborhood center, and create a “mixing chamber” in which artists, new arrivals and long-time residents of Vienna’s second district can sit, eat, play or just rub elbows.

The first building is composed of a light-filled atrium sandwiched between two residential tracts; these house live-in studios for visiting and resident artists. The second building combines “standard” flats with “unité-like” maisonette apartments whose highly flexible plans are particularly well-adapted to the differing needs of Vienna’s newly-arrived migrant families.

The interactive public spaces extend into the interiors of the residential buildings. The generously dimensioned circulation zones function as an indoor extension of the public squares outside, and they incorporate spaces for activities, encounters and conversation. The corridors serve as sheltered “front yards” for each apartment: a semi-private threshold which extends the dwelling and provides a place to meet and interact with the neighbors.